Ann Frigon, CFP®

Ann Frigon, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Hello, I’m Ann Frigon. I’ve been a Financial Advisor for 30+ years. My career as a financial advisor began in 1989 with a desire to help others with personalized financial advice.

My entrepreneurial spirit comes from growing up on the family farm in Kalvesta, KS, helping my dad move irrigation pipe, and working as a waitress in my Grandmother’s café.  It was at Evans Café that I learned about hard work, always being there for your customers, and how to run a business.  

I have fond memories of growing up in a rural community, where neighbors, church and school provided me a solid foundation.  I was lucky to experience a schoolhouse with 4 grades in each room! 

After college and law school, I found myself back in Dodge City and Western Kansas. 

The Midwest is where I feel at home. I love having the ability to work with my clients in person or remotely in whatever state they chose to live.  It is the privilege of working with other who have worked hard for their dollar that makes me continue to do what I do.

Outside of my career, I stay busy in my community being active in my Church, and serving as a member of the Washburn University School of Law Board of Governors.  When at home I like to cook, read a good book and just relax.